Thursday, July 3, 2008


So my Scrabble playing buddy will be gone for a week. I am so sad. She is driving to Wisconsin to see family and drop off her brother's furniture. It's only been a few hours since I said good bye and have a safe trip and I am already bored.

What shall I do for a week? Seriously? If I am this bored already, what will I be like in a week?

I imagine that this blog will have loads more posts. I imagine that I will play alot of solitary online slingo (look it up, its fun). And I imagine I will miss her.

She is such a wonderful soul. And I miss her. :(

Geez I sound like a pathetic old hag. But I have become accustomed to our nightly banter back and forth and the sheer determination to beat her in the game. OOO maybe I should read the dictionary, soak up information, research for the next match? Hmmmm the wheels are spinning...squeeking, but they are spinning. Quite scary if you ask me.


hangel said...

No CHEATING! Yes, learning new words as my brain melts away with vanilla vodka is cheating! Miss you too!