Saturday, July 5, 2008

Movies, Movies and More Movies

I was supposed to be all organized and Martha Stewart-ish. But ehh the hell with it. If I was Martha Stewart I would have a posh house, a tv show and be all organized. But alas I am not. Hell I was late to my own birth, and I betcha I will be late to my own funeral. I am an unorganized, late, overweight, boring 20-something-year-old.

I decided to pop in a movie. And suddenly I find myself watching the 4th movie today. I am a movie junkie, but I haven't had time to really watch movies and have an all day movie marathon like the old days. I love all kinds of movies. It doesn't matter the genre. I like them all.

I have engrossed myself in stories of other's lives today hoping to somehow forget mine for the day. So far so good. But every once in awhile I remember the electric bill, the water bill, or the phone bill. It's quite annoying, my brain. I can't turn things off. And yet here I sit watching another, hoping it goes away.

Add worry wart and hopeless overanalyzer to the list of thing's I am.

It's amazing what a few movies will do. It makes you think about what you really are. As you sit there and sink into a movie you become blank and forget about time. And then at the end you start to think, am I like that? Could I be like that?

So while I should be all organized, and as hard as I try, I find I am not. No matter how hard I really try I am not.


mom2raynzach said...

I've always believed that being organized is HIGHLY over rated. I can never find stuff when I am organized. LOL And if you're boring then so am I and we can be boring together.