Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Check list Help

I am going to take full advantage of this three day weekend I am embarking on. Chris and I can not afford to really go anywhere, so I am going to tackle some projects around the house. I plan on at least making us some Huttdog's and then a pasta salad, but pretty much I want to accomplish a few things.

So I am "trying" to be all organized about it. I have a pen and even paper. It's labeled things to do.

So, here is where I need some help. To all you that read this (not sure there is many lol)comment and leave me some good "spring" cleaning or deep cleaning ideas that get's overlooked easily. I already have the change a/c filter, do baseboards, turn mattresses on my list.

So comment away :)


hangel said...

Cleaning out the bathroom. I always get sooo many things under my sink. Half full bottles of shampoo, hair spray, empty packages of toilet know. All the junk that collects there. I just cleaned all that out!

mom2raynzach said...

Hola my dear friend! Kasey bleached the mini blinds the other day and it made a HUGE difference in how the living room looks. Window sills are something I always forget. Clothes, junk drawers, half chewed bones? :)