Saturday, July 5, 2008


I have some amazing friends. Friends I didn't even know I had really. I have always said I don't have many, probally only one to be exact. But then I go out to my mailbox and there are cards from people who care. People who have never met me in real life. I never thought I had so many, but I do. And to think they all live here inside this little box and I talk to them on it.

Its amazing. Its amazing that people who should be there for you are not and people you never expected to are.

So when you think you don't have anyone, take a look around. They really are there. You may have to look hard, but I promise they are.

To my friends, I love you like family. You are truelly awesome.

And to My Hope, you know who you are, your the best! :)


mom2raynzach said...

I love you too. ((hugs))