Friday, July 11, 2008

People buy this?

I was looking thru this catalog that Chris got in the mail the other day. It's full of very practical things that are reasonably priced that you just never seem to see in the stores. It's full of things seen on TV and other things that just make sense.

Every so often there is something that makes you go, huh? What in the world? People buy this?

So Ladies and....well only ladies read this that I know of. Here is the most random things this catalog had.

First up- Toe Flexers!

Give you stronger, healthier, more beautiful feet in just 10 minutes a day! Long a dancer's secret, now you can benefit from this unique exercise device. Wear the comfy pair while relaxing, watching TV ore even napping - the Achilles tendons are stretched to relieve the discomfort of hammertoes, bunions and other foot maladies. As circulation and flexibility improve, foot pain is lessened. Includes exercise chart.


Um, ok..... HUH? Thats all I have. People really buy this? Please tell me its a joke.

Next up- Penquin Pooper!


Nuff said!

And welcome- Head Stand!


Cause apparently sleeping in bed is way overrated!

And we continue with- Smoking Baby!


A marketing genius must have come up with this one. Bravo moron!

And they just keep coming- Mother Theresa Breath Spray


This can't be for real. Really?

And I leave you with this- Cordless Jumprope


Words can not describe how dumb this really is.

First off I can't believe someone actually invents this stuff. Seriously how do you come up with this dumb stuff. And then if that isn't bad enough, some moron buys it!


Andi said...

Seriously some of that shit is..well..shit. I can't believe someone actually may think about buying any of that. Cordless jump rope? Smoking baby? *shakes head*