Monday, June 30, 2008

I need to be commited, either that or I was beaten up by a midget

I am quite serious.

I hurt myself yet again. Seriously how clumsy am I? Apparently I should take my friends offer and go into that padded room.

I was trying to put up a heavy dark comforter in my front living room window. The drapes up there are too flimsy and really do not distract the sun. The living room gets hotter than hell. Thankfully we are usually in the back living room, office or bedroom. All of which do not get the dreadful afternoon sun. 115 degree days are killing me and my electric bill.

So I hoist myself up there. I was pretty darn proud of myself. Then I fell. I started to fall backwards and realized my glass coffee table was behind me to so I tried to correct myself.

I did something to my ankle. My friend thinks maybe sprained? I have rug burn on my elbow and knee. I knocked my knee into a chair. My other foot went under me and the end table landed on it. Then because I fell on one leg or hip or whatever, that leg hurts like I have a bruise deep in there.

I feel like I was beaten by a midget. And I say a midget because its from the waist down. LOL

So I would gladly take a room for a party of one insane, clumsy, yet huggable 20-something-year-old. Anyone have a nice room for me?


hangel said...

I told you I would set you up with a room...and an adjoining one for me!