Thursday, June 19, 2008

A post titled Dear God.

Dear God,

Normally I ask for things for myself. I pray to you to ask for guidance to help me not shoot the man that is making a racket in my kitchen while on his medication....

dang him.....

ok back....

where was I?

O yes. I normally ask for help for myself. You know I need it. Many a time I have prayed to you asking for a sign, something.

But tonight I ask you for something outside myself. Something that will bring someone else joy, and I guess by proxy will give me and my heart joy too.

You stood next to me while I took those 8 rounds of Clomid. You stood next to me as I stared at thousands of negatives on that little stick I peed on. And you have stood next to me everytime I see a woman pregnant or with a child. You still stand next to me today. I feel your prescense and no you are here.

Tonight I ask you to hold another of your child's hands. Guide her heart, guide her to what is best. Make her a mommy again and her family whole. She is a warm hearted person and a good mommy. She really is. I don't know what your plan is for her, but I surely hope it is to become pregnant here soon.

Her heart is hurting while her mind is ok. Her mind understands, but as you well know her heart just can't catch up quite as quickly.

I know you know I never wanted her to feel this pain. I have prayed that no one ever feel this pain. And yet here she stands, feeling alone and her heart is breaking. I really pray that you heal it quickly.

I don't like to see my Hope sad, crying or hurting. Please take care of her God. And quickly if you can.


Thank you,


hangel said...

My dear friend,

Thanks for going to the Big Man on my behalf. You are so sweet to think of me...worry for me...pray for me.

You are truly a great friend...and I mean that from the depths of my heart.I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you.
Love ya!