Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seeing who I talk to...

I decided, for whatever reason, to finally hook up the webcam I got for Christmas. My brother would be o so proud to know that what he got me for Christmas just sat on top of my monitor, never having actually been plugged in. Shh don't tell him.

So off on this adventure I go.

Now before I proceed I should mention I am not at all a "girl" when it comes to hooking this up. I don't read manuals, I just plug the thing in, jam a disk in and go.

I know you shouldnt do that but hey, thats me. Love me or hate me. I could care less which one you are.

Well lets just say I had a hell of a time with it. The dang thing says its compatible, yahoo says its not....low and behold it really is and they are just trying to play evil tricks on consumers like myself who do not read manuals!!!

So lately I have been seeing who I talk to online. Its quite strange, but none the less it is cool. I just have to remember when I have it on in case I wanna pick my nose.

HA HA...


Blythe said...

LOL Make sure you remember to get dressed too.

hangel said...

Pick your nose?
Be nude?
These are things NOT to do on a webcam? Hmmm...someone should've told me!