Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Random Thoughts from an Insane 20-something-year-old

Why is it so hard to kick the soda habit? Is it that they put crack in it?

There is absolutely nothing on TV and I am bored outta my gord!

The commercial I am watching is rather disgusting.

Cheese and crackers sounds yummy right now.

I can't believe I am on yet another diet!

I really want to do well this time with my diet.

School is in my sights, with nursing school within reach.

My eye itches!

Did I mention I absolutely HATE allergies?!?!

Im too tired to get up away from this computer.

Since when are your late twenties boring?

I thought I was in the prime of my life...O well.

And yes this are the only things I am thinking right now. Boring huh?


Blythe said...

LOL I t hink they do put crack in it b/c Im addicted too and I'm a raving lunatic without it lol.

Jennifer said...

They put HFC (high fructose corn) syrup in it...almost as hard as crack to kick lol.

hangel said...

I love Diet Coke. I will NEVER give it up and you can't make me. I love cheese and cracker, hate allergies...and as a person turning 30, I think 30's are the prime of your life :-) I need a game of Literati! You are going down!