Sunday, June 29, 2008

This may be the funniest damn thing I heard all day!

In a effort to be more "greener" and overall more cheap. I decided to put up a comforter in the window of my front living room. The drapes up there really do nothing. Seriously. It gets hotter than hell up there.

So basically in a nut shell I fell. I have rug burn on my elbow and knee, and something funny happened to my knee. Overall the knee doesn't bother me as much as my ankle now does. And apparently I have a impression on my ankle now...sigh

So I told my friend this in a email. This is what she said back. O by the way I have been complaining of headaches lately too.

I am considering putting you in a padded room with soothing music and an IV of excedrin. Just to keep you out of pain and out of trouble. What do you think?

Ice your knee...otherwise work will suck worse.

She is really quite hilarious!


hangel said...

I think it was a great comment. And I would like to join you in that room...or maybe one next door and we can talk to each other through the wall. Could be fun!