Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The electric company is screwing with me!

I am not sure exactly what happened. I remember getting a shut off notice. I distinctly remember it saying that I needed to pay by the 26th, but apparently that was NOT the case.

So today I am about to run out the door for work. Just as I am grabbing my cell phone and walking out the door, the power goes off.

C yells from the living room getting all huffy about it. I call them and am basically told that the notice said the 16th, not the 26th. When I question why if it said the 16th and it being the 25th, and the electric just NOW being shut off...I am told that they left it on as a curtiousy. Huh?

Um ok.

I am told that I have to pay every dime I am late on, plus a $400 deposit. Apparently my being a loyal customer for 10 years means squat. I have never had electric turned off, except when I switched residences, and even then the electric at both places was on. And if I want it turned back on today I must pay $75.

$75? He is seriously still in my driveway...

I am told he doesn't know how to turn it on, that they have to send someone else who is out of my area. And my electric will be turned on before 5.

At 5 C calls me to tell me it still isnt on. I call them.

They tell me it was turned back on at 11:07am. I said that can't be. I called and paid my bill at that time, they said no, you paid it at 11:02 am. So the idiot who told me that they would have to send someone else out....yeah they lied to me.

And apparently the moron who switched back on my electric didn't switch on the main breaker to the house. If he had the electric would have come right back on and C and my animals and fridge and everything else would have been living comfortably.

Instead I walk in the door at 730pm and the house is so hot its not even registering on the thermostat on the wall, and I look at the little one I have hanging in the house.

It was 98 degrees in this house.

I am going to call and complain tomorrow.

Man am I pissed!