Sunday, June 8, 2008

How nasty

In an effort to appear like I have it all together (insert hilarious laughing now) I decided to clean my carpets. My dear friend let me borrow her huge steam cleaner. So I figured this should be easy.

Lady has been peeing on our carpets lately, specifically the front room, and there are some stains on the carpet. I have tried and tried to keep it clean, but honestly with my not being here all day it is taking its toll on the carpet. C doesn't get off his rear end to let her out all the time, or sometimes his meds just have him zonked out that he doesn't know when she needs to go out. She is only 11 months old, and a dach, so her poor little bladder can't hold it. She doesn't get in trouble unless she pees on the carpet when I am home, because she neglected to let me know she needed out.

Plus the company that made this freakin amazing cleaner that got just about everything from urine to a mass murder of blood on the carpet, stopped making it. I am beside myself. Nothing got stuff out of carpet like this stuff did. If I would have known, I would have bought 20 bottles of the stuff. But I am so sad...cause they don't make it anymore. Thus the carpet is a disaster.

And I should also mention that its cream colored carpet. Who in their right mind puts in a light shade of carpet in a house? Seriously who? Are they stupid? Apparently so! We live in Arizona, with dirt flying all over the place. It gets dusty here. Where do you think it falls? In nice piles on the ground outside? I think not!

So here I am living in a home, that I am renting mind you, with cream colored carpet. Yes I am in for it.

I can't keep it clean apparently. I did the front room twice yesterday and both times the water was DISGUSTING! Then this morning I decided to do it again. DISGUSTING. Not to mention the bedroom and hallway. GROSS!!! I can't believe I have been living like this.

It is amazing what carpet cleaning will do to you. It makes your realize your living in filth!!!

That and your life is utterly boring if all you have to blog about is your carpets.


hangel said...

But wasn't that disgusting water satisfying? You removed a layer!

And that is why I have wood floors.