Thursday, June 12, 2008

I told her about this...

Yes I told my Mom about this blog.

And yes she is probally reading this...

Ask me if I care...

Now most women of my age (in their 20's) would never want their Mom's to know a thing about their "private" life. Be honest ladies...there has to be something that you would just DIE if she were to find out. Every woman has that one thing she just wont even tell her own mother.

Now see...with me if I couldn't even tell her then it wouldn't be here. Thats for certain. I have nothing to really hide from her. And if I did, do you think I would post it here on the net for all the world to see while she sit's home, blind as a bat, not knowing anything? any red blooded american girl, you tell your girlfriends. LOL.

So while some may be a little shocked that I gave her this website address, rest assured I really wont hold anything back. She knows I cuss, that my favorite word somedays is shit or fuck. She knows I have marriage woes. She knows I want to get out of my dead end job. She knows that I long for children somedays, while others I thank my lucky stars I don't have a snot nosed brat. She knows sometimes I would just love to punch the fat fuck in front of me at my checkout counter. She knows all this. And somehow she still loves me.

So see I am not all that bad. I probally will be more vocal now and really show my "other" side, the one that apparently not enough of my online friends see. My real in-life friend knows my cussing. She, I hope, still loves Again I HOPE (inside joke).

And she also knows how I desperately try to push that marine corp cussing girl aside somedays, how I neglect that crying girl inside, how I push on and on, and how somedays I am just too darned tired. Cause she has been there, done that.

So for the ones that think I am nuts for giving her the address to this blog. I don't care at all. This is me, she knows need to worry. :)

Let the "Angel" free.

After all I am the daughter of a Marine and all. ;)